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CHG’s 12 Days of Giving recap

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Thanks to the amazing work of CHG’s marketing and communications teams, CHG took top honors in the 2015 Employee Communication Awards with Best Recruitment Video. Ragan Communications, a leading resource for corporate communications professionals, administers the award and honors excellence in employee communications and campaigns. This win places CHG’s communication efforts among the likes of major companies, including Ford, IBM and PayPal.

The Best Recruitment Video award recognizes our “Free to be Me at CHG” series, which showcase our diverse culture where employees are encouraged to be themselves.¬†Chaska O’Neill shares her unique story here:¬†¬†¬†

In addition, CHG’s “Making a Difference” campaign garnered an honorable mention in the category of Best Electronic Feature Series. This ongoing, multifaceted campaign features provider stories and individual examples of our people helping each other and the community.

“We are incredibly honored ‚Äî it’s a huge credit to this team’s passion and dedication to showcase our people and their amazing stories,” says Vanessa Hoy, senior manager of corporate communications. “This award truly celebrates our culture. We can only tell these stories because our people are willing to share them!”¬†

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