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Earth Day collections donated to Horizonte Welcome Center

Household goods and clothing collected by employees in the Salt Lake office to celebrate Earth Day were donated to the Horizonte Welcome Center in Salt Lake City on May 13.

Suzanne Petty, corporate marketing coordinator, and Jennifer Mayhew, corporate marketing director, joined Susan Kimball, archive specialist/direct mail, to deliver the donated items. 

The Horizonte Welcome Center is one of four welcome centers in the area funded by the United Way of Salt Lake, says Michael Locklear, the center’s coordinator. It is housed in the Horizonte Instruction and Training Center, which serves intermediate and high school students and also has adult education and English-as-a-second-language programs.

“The welcome centers provide services and space in different ways for refugees and immigrants,” Michael says. “Horizonte stays open on Saturdays and evenings to provide services to refugees. The main service we provide is space, because a lot of refugee communities don’t have space to meet. Twenty to 25 refugee communities meet here to figure out how to help refugees progress.”

Michael explains that the Horizonte Welcome Center also distributes clothing throughout the year, houses a free health clinic for those without insurance and works with the Utah Food Bank every two weeks to provide food to refugees. He expresses his gratitude to CHG and others who support the program with donations.

“We have people coming in from Burma that have never seen ice and are walking around in flip flops,” Michael says. “The clothing that you and people like you donate is essential to people who have no idea how to deal with weather. It is very sad that refugees are expected to hit the ground running, and many are relegated to poverty. For refugees just arriving [in Salt Lake City], it’s absolutely essential that they get food and clothing.”

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