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KSL recognizes CHG’s award-winning culture

What does it meant to have a great workplace culture? In its article, "Top 8 workplace cultures in Utah," KSL defines what culture is and why it’s important for job seekers to consider a company’s culture when deciding on job options.

"When you try to nail it down, workplace culture can be kind of an airy concept, but basically, every workplace has a set of habits, policies and personalities that add up to a set of implied values, implicit and explicit, for better or worse," KSL writes. "Creating a positive culture requires people in charge to make decisions that prioritize people over profit, and some places are definitely better to work than others."

Here are the eight Utah companies KSL says consistently rank as having great workplace cultures:

CHG Healthcare
OC Tanner
Mountain America Credit Union

Learn more about CHG’s award-winning culture on CHG Pulse.

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