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Mental health services increase ROI for CHG Healthcare

As part of its health and wellness program, CHG now offers employees free onsite counseling services. Nicole Thurman, senior director of talent management at CHG, shares the success the company has experienced by offering this unique benefit to its people in the Employee Benefits News article, "Mental health services increase ROI for CHG Healthcare."

"We have a really high stress, high intensity workplace because most of our people are recruiters. They need to make their numbers," says Nicole. "[The counselors] see a lot of people with anxiety, home and work-life balance problems, depression, marital issues, substance abuse, financial wellness. If we didn’t have our clinic here, [our employees] would go elsewhere."

In addition to providing mental health services, CHG’s onsite clinic — managed and staffed by Marathon Health — offers services such as primary care, health coaching, orthopedic injury treatment, pediatric services and women’s health, among a myriad of other services.

Read Employee Benefits News’ full article here.

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