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See how we celebrated Employee Appreciation Week 2014!

Our annual Employee Appreciation Week is a time for us to thank our people for all they do to make CHG a great place to work. This year, we celebrated our appreciation for our people with creative activities and expressions of gratitude, including thank-you videos from division leaders, a Farmer’s Market, a photo booth equipped with props, a Mexican-themed lunch, ping-pong tournaments, waffle trucks, a “Dress Your Manager” contest, a Jeopardy-style quiz show and much more!

See one of the thank-you videos from our division leaders at RNnetwork and photos of some Employee Appreciation Week fun below. And visit our Facebook and Instagram page for more photos and videos of the events.

EAW.jpgEAW 21.jpgEAW 20.jpgEAW 19.jpgEAW 18.jpgEAW03.jpgEAW04.jpg
EAW 17.jpgEAW 16.jpgEAW 15.jpgEAW 14.jpgEAW 12.jpgEAW 11.jpgEAW 10.jpgEAW02.jpg
EAW 9.jpgEAW 8.jpgEAW 7.jpgEAW 6.jpgEAW 3.jpgEAW 4.jpgEAW 5.jpg

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