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Should companies allow mental health days?

In the Healthline article, "Should companies allow mental health days?" Nicole Thurman, senior director of talent management at CHG Healthcare, shares how the company is helping employees combat the effects of stress.

"We quickly learned that [mental health] is a bigger issue in our population than what we originally thought or knew," says Nicole.

As a result, CHG now offers free counseling services through its onsite Marathon Health clinic, which has two counselors available to employees. The service has been successful with the counselors experiencing around 75 visits each month.

The biggest issue that the counselors deal with is anxiety, but employees also show up for help with depression, PTSD, ADHD, and other mental health problems.

"I think people give up on counseling services if they don’t connect or they’re not getting value out of it pretty fast," shares Nicole. "But it’s working because people are coming back."

Learn more about the ways CHG is helping its employees in Healthline’s article.

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