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How patience (and patients) led Sam Gilligan to CHG

Sam_Gilligan.jpgOur people are the best resource for filling an open position. But sometimes we get referrals from other sources.

Sam Gilligan had worked in the therapy field for the last 10 years and was ready for a new career when his wife suggested CHG.

Sam’s wife works at a clinic near CHG’s corporate offices and has seen many CHG employees over the years. Not only did these employees speak highly of CHG, but they loved their jobs.

After checking job postings for months, Sam found an open position he thought would be a fit. He applied and then interviewed with Kelly, one of our recruiters. After the process, he saw CHG as more than just a job, he saw it as a source of support.

Sam, unfortunately, didn’t get the job, but after getting to know Sam through the interview process, Kelly suggested that he should consider a position with the learning and development team.

“Kelly really tried to get to know me,” Sam says. “She recommended a position that would best suit me and the company, even though it was not what I had applied for. Other companies don’t do that — you either get the job or you don’t.”

When a position opened for the learning and development team, Sam applied once again. After several interviews and running a training class for the team, he was offered the job. It didn’t take long for Sam to feel overjoyed with his choice to work at CHG and understand why his wife’s patients enjoyed their CHG jobs so much.

“Knowing a company was interested in connecting my personality and skills to the best possible match of their open positions, only strengthened my motivation to join CHG,” Sam says.

Are you interested in working at CHG? From sales and business partner positions to leadership roles, we have a variety of career options available across the country. Check out our careers page to find a career at CHG that’s perfect for you.

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