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Meet the CHG Employee Network Groups: Families of Addicts and Alcoholics Support Group

Because we are committed to fostering diversity and inclusion, CHG encourages its people to create Employee Network Groups. Employees are welcome to use company resources, as well as $500 per year, to form groups based on their personal interests.

From working out to watching movies, each of CHG’s Employee Network Groups provide a way to establish meaningful relationships with co-workers. There are now 30 Employee Network Groups across all of our offices, with more than 800 employees participating.

Each week we’ll highlight a different group and what they do to make a difference in our employees’ lives and throughout the community.

This week we learn about the Families of Addicts and Alcoholics Support Group. Here’s what group leader Nick Call had to say.

What’s your Employee Network Group about?

To provide a setting where we can learn about the cycle of substance abuse, develop new ways to cope with a family member’s addiction and overcome the feelings of shame and denial in an open, supportive group setting.

Why did you start this group?

I lost a brother to an accidental heroin overdose. The kindness and sympathy expressed by my CHG colleagues was overwhelming and beneficial to me. I learned through that process that many families are suffering from the addiction of a loved one and that a support network might be helpful.

What is the focus of your Employee Network Group?

We provide a setting where we can learn from each other’s experiences. The focus is on families dealing with addiction of another, not one’s personal addiction.

How often do you meet?

We anticipate meeting at least quarterly.

What are a few of the activities you’re involved in?

We have meetings to discuss the difficult topic of family members who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. As the group continues to grow, we plan to have more meetings to help each other.

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  • As a mother of an addict I have felt helpless and angry! I have felt shame and discuss, for my children and myself. This is something I could apply my resources to.

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