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Shawn Lamar: Growing small gestures into a giving lifestyle

“When I was 11 years old, I was critically burned in a car accident while on a family vacation in Boston,” says Shawn Lamar, an interactive marketing manager at CHG in Salt Lake City. “Though I don’t recall many of the details, the support from strangers was tremendous ‚Äî I’m forever grateful. I try to honor that generosity through a charitable act each year near the anniversary of the accident.”

The growth of one small commitment

One year, Shawn brought small gifts and balloons to children at a local hospital. “While the gifts were appreciated, the direct connection with the kids seemed to offer more comfort,” Shawn observed. “Once I began to realize I could make a positive impact on others, I wanted to do more.”

Stepping up to make a change

When Shawn was 18 years old, he worked in Seattle and often ate lunch in a rundown city park. The park benches were in desperate need of new paint. For weeks, he wondered when the city would step up. “Then I had an idea,” Shawn says. “What if I painted the benches?” And so he did. “Not only did I enjoy the freshly painted benches, but I saw that others were benefiting, too.”

At that moment, Shawn realized that he had the capacity to change things ‚Äî even those that weren’t his direct responsibility ‚Äî for the better. He expanded his reach.

Every June, Shawn participates in a biking event to raise funds for multiple sclerosis. He’s also a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters. And whenever someone needs help at the office, he’s first on the scene.

Shawn’s commitment to improving the world and the people in it became more than just an annual gesture. It became a lifestyle.

Shawn is one of our 13 Difference Maker finalists. CHG’s Difference Maker program celebrates our people who are committed to changing the world by making a positive social impact on others and in their communities.

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Shonda Smith

Shonda Smith

Shonda Smith is a senior communications specialist for CHG Healthcare. When she’s not sharing stories about our awesome people and culture, she’s mountain biking, hiking, skydiving and enjoying Utah life with her hubby and pup.

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  • Shawn you are an incredible guy! Well deserved recognition for being a difference maker finalist. Thanks for being a great example and always doing your part to make this world a better place!

  • I’m always amazed to see the impact Shawn has on the lives of so many people. He’s thoughtful, generous, and a snappy dresser, too. Nearly every person I know at CHG has benefited from his kindness and caring–I know I certainly have.

  • Just when I think I know about all of Shawn’s charitble acts, a write up like this comes along and exposes even more generosity. Shawn has helped me from a personal and professional standpoint in more ways than I can count. The world needs way more Shawns.

  • It is a pleasure to work with Shawn LaMar. He lives our Core Values every day in his actions. I think in addition to his actions, he influences his coworkers to want to do more, to give back, to make a small gesture, that will impact a person’s day, month, life. Thank you Shawn for making us all want to be better. You are a role model!

  • Lamar truly lives a life of putting people first. You can ask him advice about anything – from mortgage rates, electrical work (he installed FIVE different light fixtures in my house!), bike purchases, etc. He is an amazing example of living a full and giving life.

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